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About the Boulder Caddie

The history of the Caddie. It all started back in Scotland on a golf course. 


Description - Per Wikipedia

A good caddie is aware of the challenges and obstacles of the golf course (or boulders) being played, along with the best strategy in playing it. This includes knowing overall yardage, pin placements and club selection. 


Now let's take this idea and bring it to the crag to maximize the day!


So, I figured why not take my love, passion and knowledge for bouldering and photography and turn it into something more. I think boulderers could use a caddie now a days!!! My name is Kyle Redberg along with my PIC and best bud Taj! We are #vanlifers and resident dirtbags based out of Joe's Valley, Utah. I started out as a top rope tough guy almost 10 years ago but in 2015 I caught the boulder bug and have been mainly bouldering since. Photography has always been a passion of mine and combined with being in the nature and climbing, it doesn't get any better for me.


 We are always out at the boulders with our cameras in hand providing unlimited stoke! With the help from our friends and fellow dirtbaggers we are stoked to help maximize your days at the boulders all while capturing your try hard faces! We want to help you and your squad climb as much as possible and also help you see as much as you can, all while having the most fun!


Why the Boulder Caddie?

The Boulder Caddie is a photography/odd jobs business, and our main goal is to help you plan the most productive day of climbing possible. Our knowledge of the areas can help guide your day by chasing the weather you are after.  Also, we will help haul or provide any crash pads you may need or want at the boulders. All while capturing every moment throughout the day. We also throw in Beta Spray at no additional charge.



                 Either brushing the holds or supplying

                 the chalk, the Boulder Caddie has your



Gage on Grvity Breach.jpg

Climbing & Photography

Climbing and photography are our main passions in life, and we want to share that passion while doing what we love. 

We're Here to Capture your Memories

From the moment we meet at the crag the Boulder Caddie will be ready to capture every moment from the epic sends to your friends cheezin' for the camera!

Sleet Gallery

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